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Are you a profitable target to sue?

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It takes no more than a traffic accident or a professional liability claim to ruin you - unless your assets and your privacy is out of reach for those who want to exploit you.

Ownership gives you liability, not power or control.
Power comes from control, not ownership.
Ownership is on public record; it is subject to all kinds of legal limitations and liabilities, and easy to target.

Effective control is always exercised in complete privacy....

No privacy? No control!

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in learning about how you can protect yourself and your family from having creditors seizing what is yours, in case you should get sued or get a judgment against you. It sounds crazy that you can even declare bankruptcy without losing anything - but it is true! I have discussed the principles very carefully with my attorneys on several occasions. I have helped many people do it, and the concept works. I am walking my own talk and there are thousands of others doing the same thing.

The author, Mogens Eliasen Please let me introduce myself: My name is Mogens Eliasen. I was born in Denmark, one of the champions on the world scene when it comes to government control and taxation. I immigrated to Canada in 1990. I have also lived in the United States for a few years. I have been self-employed since 1985, and I have several times tried proven my own concept in my own life, successfully dealing with legal challenges that would make most people give up. I had my preparedness established...

The Executive Summary:

You are about to learn about an extremely valuable and effective concept neither your government nor any rich people want you to know! If you organize and structure your financial affairs in accordance with this concept and use it to its full potential, you will become immune to threats from any creditors, legitimate or frivolous, who want a share of your wealth!

You assets will become untouchable, even by your government, regardless what kind of judgment you might get against you!

For you to use this concept to your advantage, you will have to first learn what tools you need and why. And you need to know how to use those tools in a legal way. I warn you: they are not for everybody, and they do not work for any current legal disputes you are already involved in! But they will certainly work for any possible future problems that might threaten you, effective next month...

If you want to know this "secret" concept and
how it can protect you, your wealth, and your privacy,
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If you do not own any assets whose total value exceeds what you can retain through a personal bankruptcy, but would like to build your business in a world of privacy and tax freedom, you should go here instead.

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This is what this little-known concept is all about:

Would you like to know how you can organize your financial affairs for personal freedom, so nobody can legally touch what is yours? Even if you file for bankruptcy! Well, this concept will enable you to do just that! You decide what you want to do with your assets, and by using the tools I will explain to you, you don't need to tell anybody anything about it!

The concept will allow you to

  1. protect your assets, both business and personal, against any future creditor, regardless what judgment you might get against you...

  2. secure your financial privacy - with nobody to check into your affairs and how you spend money...

  3. protect your Estate for your heir(s), untouched by probate, government, taxes, lawyers, etc.

  4. generate significant tax benefits for yourself for your current tax year...

  5. enjoy tax-freedom on all your investment proceeds, including interest, dividends, capital gain etc.

When you understand the concept, you will also see what you need to do and why! The concept will specifically reveal to you:

  • How you go about setting up a Trust in a jurisdiction that will protect your privacy - by law.

  • How you can use your Trust to protect your assets, both private and business.

  • How you allocate and transfer assets, so you accumulate your wealth where your creditors cannot get at it, regardless of what kind of judgment might go against you.

  • How you generate some substantial and totally legitimate tax benefits for yourself in this process.

  • How you avoid unnecessary and unpleasant surprises and audits, staying on the right side of the law at all times.

  • How you get the most out of your accountant and your attorney by knowing what to ask them.

  • How you secure your loved ones so they can continue life also after the time when you no longer can yourself...

Seriously, can you imagine
how much peace you will have in your mind
when you have all this put in place?

But, you know, it has to start with
your getting the knowledge...
and I am willing to share it with you!
I put it all together in an easy-to-read e-book
you can download directly into your computer
- in a matter of less than a minute.

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This is why you will find it worth your time to read my e-book:

The hard work you put into creating what you call yours...

You know what it takes to create wealth - sweat, hard work, worries, long hours, and lots of brain energy.

You have invested a lot in order to get where you are now. Both time and money. You did it because you wanted to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work - and your wanted to secure your loved ones.

You wanted to make sure that the future looked bright for you and your family, no matter what could come in the way...

The wake-up call...

At tax-return time, you get confronted with reality. It hurts to realize how your investments are being eroded by taxes. Tax on capital gain. Tax in interest. Tax on dividends. Tax on business profits - twice.

But the government does not care about you or your family. There is no help to you if you should run into trouble - you will not qualify for as much as $10 loan before you have liquidated all your assets and literally stripped yourself from any chances of getting on your feet again, financially...

You discussed with your accountant what you can do to lower your taxes. You know about the tax-deductions you can get by establishing a government approved investment account - but it really only postpones the taxes - the taxman will get you in the end anyway....

You also considered establishing a Trust and have some of your assets transferred to it in order to secure yourself, but the fees are huge, and the benefits quite uncertain. In terms of protecting your Estate, it really does not matter much, as far as your accountant has told you - the tax liability is still there, and your heir(s) will not be able to avoid all the hassle with probate, lawyers, will, etc.

Then there is the ever prevailing problem with running into a lawsuit. People are crazy nowadays. They sue for anything. In your profession, you have some protection from your liability insurance, but that insurance is very expensive - and it really does not cover what you fear the most: the unforeseen problems! You know the court system from bitter experience. You know it is not always predictable - except for the fees and expenses charged by your attorney!

Then there is the issue of "Big Brother" controlling you. Although it, on the surface, appears to be convenient to have all kinds of agencies report all kinds of data to each other, including the government, then the truth really is that it is very easy to misuse this information against you. Also, you already have some experiences with the hassle you have to endure to correct mistakes in this "secret reporting system", you have no access to on a day-to-day basis. Just to get to know what actually is reported on you is a major struggle. It tastes too much of what you know was the start of totalitarian regimes we went to war to destroy...

On top of this, you really don't feel comfortable with detectives and agents of all kinds having easy access to know almost everything they want about you - simply by using the public registers. All that snooping is not compatible with your ideas of privacy.

But I found the way
- as thousands have done before me!

They just don't want to tell you...

But I do...

Why your advisors cannot advise you on this...

You might have discussed it also with your attorney. He might have explained to you that it won't help you to establish a Trust. Although your payments to it could be tax-deductible, you would have to pay personal income tax on any money you pull out of the Trust... And he might have explained also that you don't own a Trust, so you can't just use it as a bank account.

Well, this is all true - yet not the entire truth. You need to understand that he has learned nothing about this concept in law school - so his professional reputation is at stake if he advises you to go for it.

You should realize that the last thing in the world your government wants to do, is to put into their curriculum the secrets to how you can legally avoid its intimidating control! So, please don't blame your accountant or your attorney for their knowledge being limited...

Why you can't find this information anywhere...

You probably searched long - and never succeeded in finding anything that truly was making sense. What you can find through on-line searches is all bits and pieces - and they seem to be all differnt and not cohesive. It is next to impossible to put it all togetther and make sense out if!

There are strong reasons for this.

First, your government absolutely does not want you to know this. It wants to keep your assets on public record, as collateral for your tax compliance. And it does not care about your privacy - it only cares about your taxes.... And, a fact of life: 15% of all Americans have been exposed to identity theft because of private information about them leaking from public registries.....

Next, nobody in this industry wants to divulge in public (and a web site is public....) how exactly they can help you avoid the government's intimidating control! They want that knowledge preserved for themselves and their clients. And if they don't, you should not put any faith into their intelligence, and you should expect them to be around next year....

Also, you can find numerous web pages, all sponsired by government or people who work for government, telling you that managing your assets in complete privacy is impossible or illegal. Such statements are wishful thinking, at best. But you are, of course, left with the dilemma of not being able to do your due diligence on this!

That's exactly the strength in the concept. If you can't find out, then, probably, nobody else can. That's privacy working! You cannot nail something you don't even know anything about....

Finally, do not expect anyone to tell you all the details until you are ready to make a commitment! Yes, the people inviolved in this are like a cult of freemasons - they are very careful about whom they invite into their temple....

But you need to know first what exactly you are committing to - and what you can get from it....

And you need to know what to look for and what to check!

That's exactly what this e-book is all about.

Your integrity and honesty are important!

You don't want to be a crook. You don't want to enter into anything that even hints at criminal activity. You are a serious business professional and you value your honesty and integrity.

You don't cheat on your tax returns! You provide honest information. After all, it is the law. So, you will not get involved with anything phony.

I am totally on your side.

But don't confuse "what the government wants" with "law"!

Are you ready to learn what it takes?

The first thing to understand is that ownership and liability are linked together. Next, is that ownership and control are not the same thing... In fact, you cannot control something you own; by owning it, it can be taken away from you through legal action!

Don't worry if you are puzzled. Explaining it in detail takes a bit. Too much for putting on a page like this one. That's why I wrote the e-book!

The truth is that society has made you believe that ownership is attractive. That might be - but it is a trap!

(If you don't want to wait any longer, you can get the e-book now .)

What you will discover from this concept

Before you can understand the the concept itself, you need to understand the following:

  • Ownership - what it really means and why it is not as attractive as most people have learned to believe;

  • Liability - why it has very little to do with responsibility;

  • Control - why it is never linked to ownership when it is effective!

  • Taxation - how the government controls you;

  • A Trust - what it is and how it works.

  • Banking - why using banks in your own country makes privacy an illusion.

Then, you will have to understand some legal principles of the laws in your own country - and in some other countries that open their doors for your business - on terms that guarantee your freedom from income taxation and government control, forever! Can you imagine what a blessing that would be?

It sure sounds overwhelming, but once you see it in print, it is simple to comprehend. I promise.

When you get these principles straight, you will be able to see how much power you can get from organizing your financial affairs so they no longer legally connect your activities and your liability to your assets. Remember, you do not give up any control. Not at all - you actually get more control! And less trouble.

Get the information now!

What about your current assets?

You don't have to change the way you live your life - except for being able to relax about some of those fears you have no other reliable and trustworthy way of eliminating.

The concept will not create more paperwork for you. You will actually experience less paperwork, even though the formal organization might appear more complex.

This e-book will also explain how you get the most out of working with your accountant and your attorney.

I must tell you this, though: protecting assets that currently are registered under your personal ownership is absolutely possible, unsing the concepts - but it is way more tedious and significantly more expensive than creating new assets under your established protection!

Think of this: if you want to have a fruit tree give you some good harvest of delicious fruits, do you them plant the seed on a barren, windy rock and then, when the tree has shown its ability to bear fruit, replant it into your protected garden? Or would you think it makes sense to cerate the protected environment first, and then plant the seed there?

I will not insult your intelligence by demanding an answer. But let me just conclude this: The best time to start building your "protected garden" is before you even have the seeds to those fruit trees!

In other words: if you wait with this until you have "something to protect", you might never get anything to protect...

There are serious reasons for practically all rich people doing this. It is indeed one of the powerful reasons for them being rich!

Summing up: You can organize your financial affairs in such a way that your assets become untouchable by any future creditor - regardless what kind of judgment you might get against you! In case you should get sued, you wouldn't even have to defend yourself - you could just laugh at the people who want to take you to court and let them force you into bankruptcy - you would have nothing to lose...

It's hard to believe, but there is nothing illegal in doing this, if you do it right.

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Here is an outline of your future, once you have implemented the concept from my e-book:

It is important that you understand the entire concept so you know exactly what to do. It is no more complicated than incorporating your business. There is just a bit more to it - and you have to understand all of it before you can use it. It's like driving a car - you get nowhere on less than four wheels, so don't try to use only parts of the concept!

Once you have everything set up right, you will run your financial affairs with due respect for the law. You just need to know the rules - and follow them.

At the same time, you should take full advantage of the possibilities in the concept! There are many! The benefits you can achieve go far beyond simply protecting your assets from future creditors. What you can achieve includes:

  • Effective protection of your personal assets from any judgement from any kind of lawsuit... or even an messy divorce... This is your ultimate liability insurance!

  • Protection of your business assets so effectively that you literally can declare bankruptcy at any time - without losing anything! Talk about effective Risk Management!

  • Protecting your financial privacy by keeping all snoopers out of your affairs; government, credit bureaus, and anyone else!

  • Protecting your Estate by eliminating probate completely, cutting all taxes and almost all legal fees - plus you leave your Estate safe from disputes or feuds.

  • Protecting your investment and trading proceeds from taxation by eliminating all taxes on capital gains, interests, dividends, etc. on your invested securities!

  • Obtaining significant tax advantages for members of your family, even if they are employed by someone else! You can use your business vehicles to create legal tax write-offs for them too...

Can you afford to not know about
how you can do this?

Here is where you get this knowledge!

What value would this knowledge have for YOU?

Let me help you with an estimate, based on some statistics. Let's say you have a net worth of $100,000, most of which is allocated in different assets, including some real estate and some stock, plus many valuable personal belongings, such as some art pieces you value. You pay insurance for all this. Fire, theft, water damage etc.

Have you made up what your total yearly premium is?

Have you made up what your risk of loss is - and compared it to your yearly premiums?

You should do that. Consider, as an example, what you pay for fire insurance on your home. Let's say it is $500 per year. Your home has a value of, say, $150,000 - $100,000 being deducted by the mortgage. That leaves you with a $50,000 value to protect. When you pay $500 in yearly premium, then you would have "break-even" if your chances of losing your home to a fire was 1 in 1000 every year. In 10 years, it would be 1 in one hundred. In 25 years one in 40....

Well, this is far too pessimistic, you would say. You do not know any neighborhoods where 1 out of every 40 homeowners would lose their house to a fire within 25 years. If the numbers were this unfavorable, you would know quite a few house owners that have been paid the full insurance coverage for their burnt-down houses...

But this is why insurance is a profitable business. However, I do not suggest that you cancel your fire insurance - because you can probably afford the $500 every year, but you are far less likely to be able to afford the purchase of a new home if your current home suddenly vanished in a fire...

Let's then consider some other ways you could lose your home. Let's assume someone wanted to sue you for some liability you are claimed to have incurred. This is, in fact, three times more likely than the chances of your going to hospital, sick!

You have medical insurance, don't you? I hope so - for you! But you also do a lot to keep yourself healthy, don't you? You don't want your immune system to get so damaged that you become a victim of just about any little flue or cold you get exposed to. You don't want to be an easy target for disease. And you do want to make sure you have the ability to fight back, in case you should get ill.

Protecting your assets and financial privacy is the same. You don't want to be an easy target for a predatory lawsuit, based on a ridiculous claim. And if bad luck is out, you want to make sure it cannot hurt you...

Comparing your risk of loss to the value of what you could lose, you might be able to make good financial sense out of paying a few thousand dollars for knowing how you can protect yourself and your family. Predatory lawsuits are far more likely than a fire. But the possible loss is the same...

But I want to be humble. For the knowledge about how you can protect yourself and your family more effectively than with any insurance policy, I will charge you small fraction of less than 1% of what your attorney would charge for defending you in court.

The price for my e-book is only $44.95.... and, if you order from this page today, you will get a $10 discount!

On top of that I will give you a full money-back guarantee: If you don't feel the information is worth every single penny, you send me an e-mail with proof of your payment and ask for a full refund - and you will get it!

Get the e-book now!

If you like the concept of my e-book, you could make money on selling it to others...
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Do you have any good reasons for not wanting this information?
I am serious - if you don't want it, then

Let's recap...

From this e-book, you will learn what it takes to organize your financial affairs so that you will never have to fear for losing what you earned to be yours.

You will learn what exactly is involved in obtaining effective protection of your privacy.

You will learn how exactly you go about protecting your Estate for your heir(s).

You will learn what exactly to look for, what questions to ask a potential supplier, and what exactly to check.

You will learn how you can do your due diligence - without access to public records and government supported consumer organizations.

You will learn what costs are involved - and how you avoid getting screwed.

The best news is that once it is set up, it is simple to use. It does take that you are open-minded enough to learn about things that are not taught in any public or private school, college, or university... From there, it is a matter of financially sound management!

And remember: it is totally legal - nothing in this concept brings you in conflict with the law if you understand the rules and respect them!

If you have any problems with the ordering process, then please and we shall help you. You may also call us (phone numbers below) if have any questions relating to the information in the e-book.

You know, procrastination is not a virtue for financial success, so if you haven't ordered the e-book yet, you should do it now! There is no point in waiting for your boss to do it for you... J


Mogens Eliasen


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One final note:

You will be required to submit to us an affidavit confirming your respect for our copyright for this book. With your purchase, you buy a license to use it for your personal education, for the possible purpose of your own financial gain through application of the principles it outlines, and absolutely nothing else! We are OK with your acting in capacity of a trustee for someone else, whose personal financial interests you take exclusive care of. But we are not OK with any members of any organizations whatsoever sharing this information with anyone else in their organization, no matter what kind of organization we talk about.

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If you don't, you lose all your rights to ever collect any pity from anybody when you complain about your losses; you are doomed to never ever be allowed to lament about the money you pay to your government or creditors - NOBODY can take your whining seriously if you miss out on getting this information! It is not available from any public sources, so when you leave this page, you have blown your chance... For the rest of your days, you will have to put on a happy smile when you pay your taxes and legal fees, and nobody will feel sorry for you!

Don't let your money sharks exploit you!
In order for you to avoid getting crushed,
you need this information....


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The solutions have been available for hundreds of years, but most people have the incorrect perception that this stuff is "only for the rich". It is not! It is certainly also available for the small business owner and the novice investor - and they need these tools even more than those who can afford to pay for everything they want.

This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

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Assessing the advice you can get from a professional advisor

When you think about asking a professional advisor, like your accountant, your lawyer, of your financial planner, you need to understand where they are coming from, before you blindly accept their answers to your queries.

This is particularly true if your questions have anything to do with "going offshore"...

These professionals have learned what they have learned through education provided for by the government, one way or the other. This means that they are "fully qualified" for their job if/when they know nothing but what the government wants them to know...

These professionals generally further depend on a government license in order to maintain their practice - and thus their income...

Question: What kind of advice do you think you will get from them when you inquire about something your government most definitely will not like you to do, such as your "going offshore" and pulling assets and income streams out of the government's control and tax base?

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